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Magnetic Separators to Purify & Protect Your Process Equipment  Liquid Line T-Traps 

Remove Ferrous and Work-Hardened Stainless Contaminants from Processing Lines  created by wear of upstream processing equipment.



  • Plate and Tube Magnetic T-Trap styles available

Plate Magnetic T-Trap information   Tube magnetic T-Trap Information

Plate Magnets

       Industrial Magnetics Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets are ideal for angled chute applications where product degradation is a concern. Take a look at our large number of plate magnets that range in size and design depending on your application.

Flush Face Plate Magnets deliver optimum tramp metal separation performance when used in above-the-flow chute or belt applications. When installed over the material flow, these magnets deliver continuous magnetic protection for down stream processing equipment.

Exposed Pole Plate Magnets are engineered to deliver high performance tramp metal separation in low to medium volume applications. These applications are for below-the-flow installations where the product flows over the magnet face.

Spout Plate Magnets feature a diverter to provide maximum tramp metal separation and superior wash-off protection for high volume, below-the-flow applications. The diverter protects collected metal from being washed back into the product flow, while preventing product degradation. Several strengths are available in Ceramic and Rare Earth designs to meet the requirements of difficult applications.

EZ-Clean and Self-Cleaning Spout Magnets have a stripper pan cleaning mechanism that allows the collected tramp metal to be easily released. The EZ-Clean Spout magnet is operated by unclamping the magnet from the chute and pulling the magnet opened by hand. As the magnet is pulled open the stripper pan separates from the magnet, allowing the metal to fall off of the pan's face. The Self-Cleaning Spout Magnet utilizes air cylinders to swing the magnet and the stripper pan away from the chute allowing for remote cleaning of the spout magnet.

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Pneumatic Line Magnets

Pneumatic Line HousingsIndustrial Magnetics Exposed Pole Tube Pneumatic Line Magnets EPT SeriesIndustrial magnetics Rare Earth Bullit Magnets BM SeriesIndustrial Magnetics Vacuum Line Pneumatic Line Magnets Series 4JIT





Pneumatic Line Housings    Exposed Pole Tubes     Bullit Magnets     Vacuum Line Pneumatic Line Magnets

  • Pneumatic Line Housings that ensure that all dry, powder and granular material product flowing through will make repeated contact with magnets,
  • Exposed Pole Tubes with built-in magnets to capture large tramp metal such as nails, bolts or screws
  • Bullit Magnets with a nose cone diverter and magnet assembly will maintain balanced flow when processing powders, flour, chemical, resin, food stuff, pharmaceutical and mineral materials
  • Vacuum Line Magnets provides equipment protection and improved product purity without restricting resin flow


Drawer-In-Housings Inside of the Product Stream Separators


  • Manual, EZ-Clean and Self-Cleaning Models available
  • For ferrous metal separation in dry processing systems
  • Separation is achieved with magnetic tubes assembled in a drawer
  • Available in a choice of coatings, multiple drawer units, custom transitions and flanges
  • Special Application designs available.

Gravity Feed Magnet Separators - Outside of the Product Stream information




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  • Phase II+
  • Phillips Precision
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  • Reed Instruments
  • RMC Gorman
  • Surebonder
  • Techniks
  • ZIPP
  • and others


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